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Breaking the ice with your new flatmates

By QMHalls 24 Aug 2020

How much does a polar bear weigh?? Enough to break the ice!

This could be used as a way to introduce yourself or you could try these tips instead...

  • Welcome Events - Whether they are virtual events or social distanced, attend them! It's a bonus if your flatmates want to go to them too but if not don't feel embarrassed about going alone if they're busy, if there is ever a time being a lone ranger and getting out there is respected, it's a uni!
  • Movie Night - Make plans with your flatmates, building a relationship with the people in your flat is important so organise a movie night or a takeaway nice, this is a good way to get the conversation flowing!
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  • Put some music on in the kitchen - For one this lets your flatmates know you're up and about, and sharing some tunes can be a great conversation starter! Maybe start a Spotify playlist for the flat that you can all add music to.
  • Put a sign on your door - So your new flatmates feel welcome to come and say hi, leave a note on your door with a little message or your name. Or use a doorstop to prop your door open, this way people can say hi when they are walking past.
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  • Go exploring - Most of you in your new environment might not know you're way around, so round everyone up and have a wander around campus or the town!
  • Offer food or drink - It doesn't have to be a full-blown meal, buy some cakes or sweets to share with your flatmates while you discuss some plans for the week.

TOP TIP: ´╗┐Making multiple cups of tea or hot drinks of choice is always a winner if you are planning on inviting people to do stuff!

Everyone is in the same situation when they first get to uni and just as eager to meet people, so just enjoy it and don't feel under pressure to be part of a close group straight away!


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