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Celebrating Thanksgiving with your flat family

By QMHalls 05 Nov 2020

On 26th November, millions of people across the pond will be sitting around the dinner table eagerly awaiting a feast for Thanksgiving.

The holiday has been celebrated in America for over 150 years and is focused on being thankful for the blessings of the harvest and of the last year.

Although it's an American holiday, there's no reason for us Brits to not get involved! Here's how you and your flatmates can celebrate in true American style from the comfort of your halls...

Cook a tasty thanksgiving meal together

One of the many joys of living with your friends is the satisfaction of making a banging roast together, and with Thanksgiving being mostly about filling your boots with delicious grub, this seems like a no-brainer.

Divide out responsibilities between you and your flatmates, adding some real Thanksgiving classics such as sweet potato and marshmallows (yes, together - it's amazing!), pecan pie and of course, don't forget the turkey.

Cooking together

Kit out your flat with festive decorations

Thanksgiving always takes place on the 4th Thursday in November, so typically houses are decorated with all things Autumn. Classic decorations include pumpkins, acorns, fairy lights (battery-powered!) and these look great dotted around the kitchen area. 

If you fancy making something creative, take a look at the video below for some inspiration! 

Organise a games night

There aren't many things you can do when you've eaten so much but one thing you can do is follow it up with a games night. Thanksgiving charades is a fun game to play with your friends - you can print off a version here. If you're stuck for ideas, check out this list of traditional games you can challenge your mates to.

Watch an American football match

Although Thanksgiving focuses on the mouth-watering food on offer, another of its traditions is to watch an American football match. On 26th November this year, there are 3 games taking place in the NFL (National Football League), so get yourself some snacks and see what the fuss is about! You can get a NOW TV Sky Sports day pass for just £9.99!

a man sitting in a living room

Create a spotify playlist

To get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, why not create a joint playlist with your flatmates featuring all your favourite American artists? If you're not much of a music mogul there are plenty of playlists out there that you can simply add to your library. Check out this Thanksgiving dinner playlist.

Friends dancing

Pour a Thanksgiving drink!

No Thanksgiving celebration is complete without a drink in your hand. Why not try one of these seasonal cocktails or mocktails?

people holding drinks

Happy Thanksgiving!

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