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Stay up to date with the app!

By QMUL 09 Sep 2020

Stay up to date with everything to do with Queen Mary and student life with our app.

Residential Support gives you a helping hand with all the things you will want and need to know during university life, from student blogs, maintenance, campus updates, events and so much more!

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What will I find on the app?

A bit of everything!

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Whether you're on campus or off-campus, we'll keep you updated with all the events and updates happening so you don't need to worry about missing anything ever again. 

A bit hopeless in the kitchen? We'll supply you with quick, easy and cost-friendly cooking hacks and recipes that'll fit around your lifestyle. 

Just moved 100 miles from home, overseas or lived here all your life? We will show you all the best places to go in your new city for food, shopping, days out and much more.

You can find the Browzer in the app store on both iOS and Android.

Select Queen Mary University and there you have it - everything you need!

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