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Valentine's Winners REVEALED

By QMHalls 19 Feb 2021

Thank you to everybody that entered our Valentines Competition, we had hundreds of entries - it was tough to pick just three!

Huge congrats to the lucky winners! 


Nomination made by Maria from Dawson Hall.
Nominee: Lara from Dawson Hall.
Nomination reason: Lara was the most supportive and kind friend from our corridor!! She was there every time sharing food with us...buying presents for all the people from our corridor, baking cookies for us. She is a gorgeous girl full of good energy!!! Moreover, she was our therapist during the first semester. Every time she had a kind word for people suffering from love, losing someone or for study anxiety. This girl deserves a prize!!!!


Nomination made by Andjela from Pooley House.
Nominee: Farah from Maynard House.
Nomination reason: She is such an amazing and beautiful person, who always makes me laugh. She works so hard with everything she does and is always ready to help others no matter what. I think she really deserves a present right now to make her know that all she does don`t come without a reward. Moreover, she is truly one of the best souls I have ever met.


Nomination made by Mara from Maurice Court.
Nominee: Taylor from Creed Court.
Nomination reason: He is one of the kindest and sweetest people I have met here. He has helped me through a lot since lockdown can be very hard mentally, for some people (including me). He is always so high-spirited and positive and brightens up everyone’s day around him. He helps anyone in need and has become everyone’s friend. He gives his love to everyone around him, and this February he deserves a lot of love in return.

Keep your eye on for more competitions in the future! 

Thank you to everyone who nominated and if you'd like to see some of the lovely nominations we received click here.