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Wearing a face covering

By QMUL 09 Sep 2020

If you've already got a face-covering then great, if not we will be providing you with two free face masks in your QM Tote bag when you collect your keys!

So, what's the deal with wearing a face mask? It is now mandatory to wear a facemask/ covering in all public places, this includes supermarkets, public transport, libraries and all other public shops. 
Please see a list of all places here.

Once you arrive in halls even though you and your flatmates are part of the same household, in communal areas you are now required to wear a face-covering when you are in the same room as others. 

Coronavirus is spread through coughs, sneezes and speaking so face masks are worn to protect others against the spread of infection. Although you are wearing a face mask you will still need to regularly sanitise/wash your hands and stick to the social distancing guidelines. 

There are people who are exempt from wearing a face mask, please see list here.

emojis wearing face masks

How to wear a face-covering

It should...

  • Cover your nose and mouth so that you are able to breathe comfortably
  • Fit comfortably and securely  
  • Ideally include at least two layers of fabric
  • If it is single-use, dispose of it after each use in a residential waste bin
  • If it is not disposable it should be washed with your normal laundry

Where can I buy a face mask?

Pretty much everywhere! Most shops are now selling face masks, you could either purchase them online from the likes of bootsetsy and ASOS. You could even make your own if you felt up to it, here's how.

Details of a product’s conformance to any standards can be found under the product details section online, or on the packaging or label.

How to wash your face mask

As we've mentioned above you can wash your face mask with your normal laundry washing, until you put a wash on store your mask in a sealed plastic bag. Make sure you don't place it on your communal table and if it has been placed on any surfaces be sure to clean the surface after with your normal household cleaning products.

Let's all keep safe and well whilst at Queen Mary!



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