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Your mental wellbeing during COVID-19

By QMHalls 08 Oct 2020

There is no denying that 2020 has been challenging. Navigating everything on top of the pandemic is tough but it's so important that you take time to look after your mental health.

A few simple tips can really make a difference in your mood and productivity especially now you are adjusting to this new and strange way of life.

  1. Plan out your day
    Set an alarm so you wake up at a reasonable time, it may be tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day but don't. Make an effort to get dressed, whether it's into comfy clothes or your favourite pair of jeans, this will make you feel productive and ready to start the day.
  2. Get up and go
    Okay, if you're self-isolating or in lockdown, you are limited on what you can do, but be creative. Home workouts or yoga in your room will release endorphins, give you more energy and help you sleep better, avoid spending your days in bed.
  3. Keep in touch
    You may be missing the face-to-face interactions with your friends and family but that doesn't have to stop when you are unable to see them. Video calling them is a great way to keep in touch whilst also being able to see their faces, planning when to call them will also give you something to look forward to.
  4. Improve your sleep
    Getting the right amount of hours sleep a night is so important as well as going to sleep and waking up the same time, this will help your routine and mood. In the day open your curtains and window to get natural sunlight and some fresh air which help to improve your sleep.

For more tips check out the Mental Health Foundation blog.

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The Mental Health Foundation has created lots of useful online resources to help support you and your mental wellbeing in a COVID-19 world.

The site offers advice on a range of topics including: 

Keep an eye out on our Residential Support pages for more support information during the coronavirus pandemic.

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